Work Placement & Training


Eco Château welcomes groups of learners from a wide range of European countries.

Whether you are a school, college or adult learning programme, we can offer a bespoke package to meet your learner’s needs. We are also seeking partners to work within the wider European context as well as our specific strategic aim to develop delivery partnerships in Ireland.

With the ERASMUS funded programme, we can offer learning providers a fully funded package, enabling beneficiaries to access a unique work placement opportunity, for example working at a Chateau renovation project in Northern France. The work placement opportunities cover the occupational areas of Construction (all elements), Horticulture, Hospitality & Catering and Travel & Tourism.


Distinct, time limited projects covering Building works, Electrical & Plumbing disciplines, working towards the restoration of Eco Château utilising eco-friendly materials and methods wherever possible.

Catering & Hospitality

These work placements have proven to be highly successful, giving the participants a real flavour of France. We co-design the focus and delivery with the learning provider and participants to ensure the necessary skills are demonstrated whilst at the same time meeting the requirements of the Eco Château’s programme.


Our programme works with the seasons and provides the participant with the opportunity to work with the land regardless of the time of year – there’s always a job to be done! We have a focus on providing a vegetable garden for our catering courses to feed everyone who is at the Chateau.

Travel & Tourism

Students participating in Travel and Tourism courses will have the opportunity to research local events and activities to be included in the programme design for holiday makers with disabilities and those needing additional support. These programmes will include many regional attractions and will involve liaison with local tourist offices.

All work placement groups will have the opportunity to visit an industry relevant local store, local street market and regional food producer or horticulture centre (depending upon the occupational area) making good use of their newly acquired French language skills! We have a ‘finale meal’ at the end of the placement where we invite members of our local community to ‘come dine with us’.

catering group

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